TKO-600 (TCET4617)


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    TKO-600 (TCET4617)

    TKO-600 (TCET4617)

    Ridding the world of outdated 4-speeds and overworked factory 5-speeds, the TREMEC TKO is the most popular and versatile performance 5-speed manual available anywhere in the aftermarket. Begging the question, "Why 'crush rocks' when you could move mountains?", the TKO is an extremely durable unit, perfect for retrofits in early muscle cars and street rods in addition to its originally intended purpose as a significant strength upgrade for late-model street machines.

    PRICE....... $2450.00

    Product Overview

    • The original 5-speed overdrive heavyweight
    • Up to 600 lb-ft. of torque capacity
    • Exceptionally light at just 99 lbs. dry
    • Multiple shifter locations & dual speedo pick-ups for extreme versatility
    • Robust 3-rail internal shift mechanism offers firm, positive shifts
    • Multiple gearing and overdrive options (see chart)
    • TREMEC's most popular and widely used 5-speed; well-suited to a variety of builds 
    • Rear Shifter, Mid Shifter, or Front Shifter configurations available

    Technical Specifications

    Application Ford
    Part # TCET4617
    Engine Any
    Torque Capacity (lb-ft.) 600
    Includes Housing No
    Clutch Type Mech
    Speedo Type Mech/Elec
    Spline Count, Input/Output 26/31
    Gear Ratios:  
    1st 2.87
    2nd 1.89
    3rd 1.28
    4th 1.00
    5th .82
    6th N/A
    Rev 2.56

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